Extra iFetch Too "Tuff" Balls (large)
Extra iFetch Too "Tuff" Balls (large)


A three-pack of extra iFetch Too balls for more fetching fun

3 x 2.5" (64mm) standard size balls designed to work with the iFetch Too for larger dogs.

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Get more iFetch Too "Tuff" balls for more fetching fun!

  • One order of iFetch Too "Tuff" balls will include 3 balls.
  • iFetch Too balls are manufactured for optimal operation with the iFetch Too ball launcher.
  • iFetch balls are 2.5" (64 mm) in diameter.
  • They are designed to be used by medium to large sized dogs. Owner supervision is recommended.
  • Some similar balls (64 mm or 2.5" diameter) will work. You can find out more by contacting iFetch.
  • Some balls, even if the right size, will not work or may be hazardous when launched.
  • Some dogs slobber more than others. If your dog is a heavy slobberer the iFetch may require wiping off balls from time to time, making it difficult for the dog to play continuously by itself.

If you have any questions about balls please call iFetch at 512-219-3271.